Gasket Categories

Acid & Chemical Resistant Gaskets

Acid resistant gaskets are chemically inert gaskets that function as a barrier between mating surfaces and are commonly used for preventing gas/fluid leakage.

Adhesive Backed Gaskets

Adhesive backings are applied to a wide range of gasket materials, including: silicone, sponge, foam, solid rubber, sponge rubber, EPDM, neoprene, PVC, etc.

Aluminum Gaskets

Aluminum gaskets are often used in standard and moderately high temperature applications such as drain plugs and automobiles.

Copper Gaskets

Gaskets made from copper and copper based alloys, commonly used in automotive applications.

Cork Gaskets

Cork gaskets come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and grades. These gaskets are extraordinarily recoverable and impermeable under low bolting pressures.

Custom Gaskets

Custom gasket manufacturers making gaskets to customer specification in a variety of materials and sizes for a large range of industries and applications.

Die Cut Gaskets

Gaskets in a variety of materials that are manufactured through the process of die cutting. The die cutting process is the cutting of stock in a manner that does not form chips, or make use of burning or melting.

EMI Gaskets

EMI gaskets are used in applications where electromagnetic interference isolation is required, commonly between the shield housing and mating surface of a device.

Flange Gaskets

Flange gaskets are designed to seal any small gap remaining in a flanged joint connection most commonly in pipe applications.

Foam Gaskets

Foam gaskets are made in open and closed cell types and are used for a wide variety of applications from noise dampening to gas sealing.

Form-In-Place Gaskets

Form-in-place gaskets are designed to produce a seal to prevent gas and fluid leaks between two surfaces via an injected compound.

Food Grade/FDA Approved Gaskets

Food grade gaskets are most commonly used in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries and may be made from materials such as EPDM or silicone.

Gasket Material

Gasket material is generaly sold in sheets and includes materials such as viton, neoprene, EPDM, silicone, natural rubber, Teflon and others.

Graphite Gaskets

Graphite gaskets are designed for high pressure and chemical applications.

High Temperature Gaskets

High temperature gaskets are used in extreme heat applications and come in a variety of materials.

Magnetic Gaskets

Magnetic gaskets are most commonly used for sealing doors in applications such as refrigerator doors.

Mil-Spec Gaskets

Mil-Spec gaskets are designed to military specification, usually for harsh or strenuous environments.

Pipe Gaskets

Pipe gaskets are designed for sealing applications, either liquid or gas.

Piston Rings

A piston ring is a split ring that fits into a groove on the outer diameter of a piston in a reciprocating engine.

Plastic Gaskets

Gaskets made from plastic materials such as polyurethane, polyethylene, polypropylene and more

RFI Gaskets

RFI gaskets are used in applications where radio frequency interference isolation is required.

Rubber Gaskets

Rubber gaskets are used as a mechanical seal between two or more surfaces, generally under some amount of compression.

Sanitary Gaskets

Sanitary gaskets are deigned for applications such as food and beverage, pharmaceutics, and dairy machinery. Commonly made from materials such as silicone, Viton, Buna-N, teflon and EPDM


Seals are devices used to join two objects together in a manner preventing anything from passing between or generally joing two objects together.

Sealing Rings

Sealing rings are used in a number of applications including air conditioners, aircraft jet engines, blenders, gear boxes, heat exchangers, high speed turbine compressors, mixers, pumps, and water turbines.


Shims are thin pieces of material, that can be wedged or tapered, that are used as spacers

Spiral Wound Gaskets

Spiral wound gaskets are semi-metallic and most commonly used in high pressure applications. These are typically made of two materials, one sealing and the other reinforcing, spiral wound into one gasket.

Stainless Steel Rings

Many ring types are available in stainless steel including piston rings, sealing rings, spacer rings, backing rings, dome rings, filter rings, reinforcement rings, tank rings, steering wheel rings, retaining rings, and decorative rings.

Teflon (PTFE) Gaskets

PTFE gaskets are often used in chemical applications.